Elections are held as scheduled by the Office of the Secretary of State. The Tensas Parish Clerk of Court’s Office is responsible for tabulating votes on election night. We also conduct schools to become a commissioner. To become a certified commissioner, you must attend a class and have the following qualifications:
You must be a registered voter of Tensas Parish.
You must be able to vote without assistance.
You must not be a candidate in the election.
You must not have been convicted of any election offense.

Pay for a commissioner is $200.00 and for a commissioner in charge is $250.00 if you attend prior election schools.

A new commissioner school is held at least once a year. A commissioner-in-charge school is held once a year. At the end of a four year term of the Clerk of Court, everyone must be recertified. To become CIC you must have served as a commissioner in at least two (2) elections during the past four years. The CIC is responsible for all the duties and for all commissioners in his/her precinct including delivering the votes to the Clerk of Court on election night.

If you wish to become a commissioner, click here to contact Christy Lee or call (318) 766-3921 with your name, address, and phone number.

If you need information about Absentee Voting or Registration Information, please contact the Registrar of Voters at (318) 766-3931.


If you are interested in running for an elected office, the following helpful information and links are provided.

Qualifying Information:

OpenPrimary/Congressional/Open General/Congressional Elections
Qualifications for Candidates
Candidate Information: The Clerk of Court qualifies candidates for local and municipal elections. For information about qualifying as a candidate for an election, click here.


To find out where to vote, contact the Registrar of Voters at (318) 766-3931.

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2019 Election Dates and Deadlines

2020 Election Dates and Deadlines

Registrar of Voters:

The Registrar of Voters Office is not a part of the Tensas Parish Clerk of Court, but works hand in hand in preparing for elections.

The Registrar of Voters is appointed by the parish governing authority and is responsible for the registration of voters in the parish and for the administration and enforcement of the laws and the rules and regulations of the commissioner of elections relating to the registration of voters. The registrar conducts absentee voting, administering some oaths, certifies signatures on nominating petitions, and petitions circulated for called elections as authorized by law ( La. R. S. 18:58). The Registrar of Voters for Tensas Parish is Robert "Bobby" James. The Deputy Registrar is Mrs. Rosetta Jordan.

Other responsibilities of the Registrar of Voters Office include assisting the governing authority in reapportionment and the census bureau. They also canvas voter roles annually, suspend felons, remove deceased from voter roll listings, and keep all original applications of registered voters. They also assist the board of election supervisors in drawing commissioners and commissioners-in-charge for all elections.

You can reach the Registrar of Voters Office by calling (318) 766- 3931.