The Tensas Parish Clerk of Court and its staff welcome and congratulate you as a fellow participant in the administration of justice.


The Clerk of Court is a member of the Parish Jury Commission. The Tensas Parish Jury Commission is responsible for selecting names for Jury Duty. Once an order is received from the District Judge to do so, the commission selects the jury pools with a computer that chooses the appropriate number of names at random.

The names of all registered voters of Tensas Parish are placed into the Clerk of Court’s computer throughout the year. The computer then uses random selection to select an appropriate number of people who will receive a summons for jury duty. The summons is issued by the Clerk and served by the Tensas Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Although the summons is issued under the name of the Clerk, only a Judge is authorized to excuse jurors. Click here for a Jury Excuse Form. Please return your form to the Tensas Parish Clerk of Court.

Qualifications and Exemptions:

In order to qualify to serve as a juror, a person must:

*Be a citizen of the United States and Louisiana, and must have resided in Tensas Parish for at least one year before service.
*Be at least 18 years of age.
*Be able to read, write and speak English Language.
*Must not have a mental or physical infirmity which makes service impossible.
*Not be under indictment for a felony or convicted of a felony for which he/she has not been pardoned.

There are two personal exemptions from jury duty that you may claim if desired:

*You are over the age of 70. Click here for an Age Exemption Form.
*You have served as a juror on a Civil, Petit or Grand Jury in the past 2 years.

If you do not meet these qualifications or wish to claim an exemption, please call Tensas Parish Clerk's Office at: (318)-766-3921

If you are in either of these categories, you may claim an exemption from jury service as set forth above. However, if you wish to serve, you may do so.

After Receipt of Subpoena:

Please contact the Tensas Parish Clerk of Court’s Office at (318) 766-3921 the night before you are summoned to appear and follow the instructions as given. You will be advised whether or not you are to report to the Tensas Parish Courthouse at the time and date stated on your subpoena. If there is no cancellation, you will report to the Courtroom located on the second floor of the Courthouse. The assigned Judge will determine if you are qualified to serve on the jury.

Length of Jury Service:

The typical jury term is scheduled to last one week. You will be advised if and when to report the following day that week.


You will receive a check for $25 per day plus 16 cents per mile per R.S. 13:3049. Jury fees are paid by the Tensas Parish Police Jury.


Use good judgment. Dress appropriately and in keeping with the dignity of the court. No shorts or tank tops.

Instructions to all Jurors:

If you are serving as a prospective juror you are to report to court the next day, please arrive at the courthouse no later than 15 minutes prior to the time court is to begin. This is done in order to facilitate a roll call at the designated court time so that court can commence properly.
Please do not discuss any facts that you hear about the case amongst the other prospective jurors during the time that you are waiting the selection process. Please do not try to discover any of the facts of this case as all evidence that you will need to decide this case will be presented to you in the courtroom.
It may be a good idea for you to bring some reading material during the period of time that you will be waiting during the selection process; however, please do not bring any legal materials or any materials that contain information about the current trial.
The bailiffs are there for your assistance, and should any problem arise during this trial, please ask the bailiff for assistance with this matter.
During the course of the trial, you may see or hear news accounts concerning this trial. You are not to listen or attempt to obtain any information from these news accounts.
During the course of the jury selection and trial, you may come into contact with some attorneys handling the case. They are under court order not to carry on a conversation with you. This is done to eliminate any appearance of wrongdoing.